Bjarne Andersen. professional freight forwarder, extensive management experience in various Danish logistics services providers, Dan Transport Group CEO. Founder chairman of E1 Logistics alliance. Founder of Universal Consulting Bureau.

Development of Dan Transport Group to Nordic top player acquisition and integration of Tollpost Globe,Norway, Fraktarna Sweden, Interforward Sweden and France, creation and development of Dan Transport USA, UK and Far East. Board membership or chairmanship in most group companies.

Core competencies: strategic development, group building, mergers and acquisitions, cultural and operational integration. Network building. Extensive global travel and experience in all fields of logistics services providers. Absolvent of various INSEAD Fontainebleau programs.



Universal Consulting Bureau
Staget 30
DK-3070 Snekkersten
Tel.:+ 45 4922 2103
Mobil:+ 45 4015 1403


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